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I began seeing Lisa during a turbulent time of my life, during which I was experiencing anxiety and depression. Lisa helped me navigate, and ultimately alleviate, these feelings by providing insight into the personal and psychological tendencies that were exasperating them. She is a great listener, intelligent, articulate, and — this part is huge — genuinely cares about her clients.

Eric W.

When I started therapy with Lisa, I was separating from my husband, and was crushed by the level of betrayal that occurred in our marriage. Lisa helped me work through feelings of severe anxiety, anger, and helped me to be able to stand on my own two feet again. She guided me through the painful divorce process and I am now in the process of rebuilding my life.

Ashley M.

I was in early recovery and facing my life with alcoholism. I was divorced, and knew I needed comprehensive clinical treatment. My years with Lisa turned so much around for me. I was able to unpack years of neglected and maligned conditions and find my "voice". I was once a lazy marginal first responder with a bleak outlook on life. I was making progress when 911 happened. I credit Lisa for helping me through that dark period, the subsequent promotions, my new marriage and positive outlook on life

Jim S.

Working with Lisa has been a transformative experience. She helped me to recognize my tendendencies to avoid conflict and my desire to people please. She provided me with the tools and skills to become more self confident and to be a better communicator in all aspects of my life. Her guidance and insight have been extremely beneficial.

Joanna K.

“I stumbled my way through two years in New York before I decided to seek out therapy. My friends have compared their experience of finding a therapist to that of dating, so I will say I was incredibly lucky to connect with Lisa on my first try. Her caring and open minded approach has been instrumental in my personal development and has rewarded me with a very positive outlook. I went in with a ‘trust the process' mantra not knowing what to expect, and to this day I cannot recommend her enough"

Maria F.

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